Good things come to those who wait? at FAIB they certainly do! head over to the branch of manufacturing and get the latest and greatest “Airbii” paint kits. As is customary by FAIB there are four paint kits, one for every variant released, inside you will find both FSX HD and FS9 regular paint kits, please paint both version.

If you have any question please post on our painters forum, as usual this is an advance paint kit with many special features like the satellite domes and will undoubtedly lead to some questions which we would be happy to answer in the forum, You can also show us what you have been painting and even make a request for someone else to take a look and give you feedback.

Please remember that FS9 and FSX paint are NOT interchangeable and that you should paint both versions, if you don’t own FSX be sure to check ModelConverterX by Arno Gerretsen That can help you preview your paints for FSX and FS9 outside of the simulator (no need for any FS to be installed on the computer) and make life generally easier.

We have also received reports that certain FSX users are experiencing problems with the FSX FDE, if you wish to use Jan’s FDE simply use the air and cfg files from the FS9 folder in the base packs as Jan created the FS9 FDE’s.