In preparation for the release of the 737 Classics I am releasing this service pack for the 737-200adv designed to bring the -200adv up to par with the classics.
The update is avilable as the new basepack here.

Changes in the FSX version:

  • Improved night light coverage to include all of the cabin windows and cabin door peek windows.
  • Fixed Gravel Kit models second LOD showing incorrectly.
  • Added nose gear steering.

Changes in the FS9 version:

  • Added nose gear steering.

Overall a very small change list thanks to the dedicated people who help me beta test the models.

Note: The update is released as a new back pack however if you are just updating your installation simply copy only the model folders, this will update you to SP1.

Note2: DON’T overwrite your aircraft.cfg file or you will lose your -200adv installed AI.