What is on today’s agenda? first release for the 747 family and updated basepacks for all previous FAIB models.
The 747-8 is ready for your simulated skies, expect to find all paints of known flying examples at various
websites such as FlyingCarpet75.com and JuergenBaumbusch.de in the coming hours and days.
What made us do SP’s for all previous models you ask? we added P3D V2 night compatibility
to the FSX models enabling their full use with P3D V2.
The 737 NG’s SP feature the new Scimitar winglets and updated versions of the paint kits so you could paint the Scimitars.

Head over to the branch of manufacturing for all the latest goodies.

Standard feature list for the 747-8 follows:
1. 4 native FSX models and 2 FS9 models.
2. FSX models with and without wingflex.
3. UHD textures for the FSX version featuring quadruple the amount of space of previous FAIB FSX textures and 16 times the amount of an FS9 texture.
4. FSX models feature a global minified lightmap which reduces the memory usage to mere kilobytes and saves a lot of VRAM and HDD space.
5. 7 LOD levels for optimal performance.
6. All models feature independent lights, With landing lights that are only on when on the runway or on approach.
7. All models feature moving parts including landing gear, body gear steering, gear compression, rolling tires, spoilers, thrust reverse’s, flaps that also deploy for takeoff, leading edge device that retract when using thrust reverse, nose gear steering and surfaces droop.
8. Base pack comes with Boeing “sunrise” and frieght roll out livery.

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