Today 4 months to the date after we released the FAIB Classic 737 we are proud to release our latest project the 737 NG series along with a SP1 for the Classics.
These models are the culmination of almost a year of work that began with what was supposed to be a native FSX model of the 737 that could use existing AIA paints, It has since evolved into a complete new model family standing in its own right. These NG’s are truly the most mature models FAIB has released and we hope you will enjoy them for years to come in FS9 and FSX.

The Classic SP1 is available in the form of a new base pack, please read the included instruction to help you upgrade your Classics. These along with the NG base packs and are available at the branch of manufacturing, the NG paint kits will be made available shortly.

As with the release of the Classics there are currently limited amount of repaints available for download but more would be uploaded in the coming days so check here often.

Initial paints available are:

features of the models:
1. 16 models per FS version(32 total) with native FSX and FS9 models.
2. HD textures for the FSX version featuring quadruple the amount of space at little to no performance hit.
3. 6 LOD levels for optimal performance.
3. All models feature independent lights, With landing lights that are only on when on the runway or on approach.
4. All models feature moving parts including landing gear, gear compression, rolling tires, spoilers, thrust reverse’s, flaps that also deploy for takeoff and nose gear steering.
5. Base pack comes with Boeing house livery.

Notable improvements over AIA models:
1. Wing root bottom has proper mapping.
2. Almost all variations and types of satellite domes are modeled.
3. Overall better shape.

I would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our new donation button(s). If you can please help FAIB by donating, thank you.