For those of you itching to start painting the new NG’s you can head over to the branch of manufacturing and get the new paint kits. Four paint kits are available, one per variant and FAIB keeps its tradition of respecting the FS9 crowd by releasing a dedicated FS9 paint kit along the FSX paint kit, all we ask in return from painters is they provide both version for FSX and FS9.
The paint kits include instructions built into the PSD files, make sure you read them! we would also upload PDF files with the instructions for easier reference while painting these will be posted on the painters forum. If you have any questions regarding the paint kit we urge you to post on our painters forum.
This is an advance paint kit with many special features like the satellite domes and will undoubtedly lead to some questions which we would be happy to answer in the forum, You can also show us what you have been painting in this forum. If you would like to have your repaint shown on the FAIB website please contact us by mail or PM ewerber on the forum.

Please remember that FS9 and FSX paint are NOT interchangeable and that you should paint both versions, if you don’t own FSX be sure to check ModelConverterX by Arno Gerretsen That can help you preview your paints for FSX and FS9 outside of the simulator and make life generally easier.

We have also released new SP’s for all the NG’s, these are available in the form of new Base packs, please read the included readme to figure out how update your existing installation.
FSX models received minor tweaks to the wing root mapping while FS9 models are not changed but the aircraft.cfg has changed to accommodate for main gear contact points adjustments.

We also recommand you check out Jan’s FDE site for improved FDE’s for our 737’s as well as many other AI models, go here for more info: Jan’s FDE sets website