After a rather lengthy development period FAIB is proud to present to the FS community its first project:
The Boeing 737-200adv specifically made for AI traffic use.

If you are in a real hurry you can go to the branch of manufacturing and download the aircraft base pack right now!
DON’T forget to read the readme.txt.

For those of you still reading this here is some random text (AKA features of the model):
1. 4 models per FS version(8 total) with native FSX and FS9 models.
2. HD textures for the FSX version featuring quadruple the amount of space at little to no performance hit.
3. 6 LOD levels for optimal performance.
3. All models feature independent lights, With landing lights that are only on when on the runway or on approach.
4. All models feature moving parts including landing gear, gear compression, rolling tires, spoilers, thrust reverse’s and flaps that also deploy for takeoff.
5. Base pack comes with Boeing house and blank liveries.

Paint kits will be made available during the coming days, stay tuned.