The 80’s you’ve given us so many great things, the safety dance, Saturday morning cartoons and off course one of the most iconic American wide body twin jet, The Boeing 767. FAIB is happy to announce the release of the Boeing 767 AI models for Microsoft based Flight Simulators which for the first time includes native Prepar3D V4 models.
As always expect repaints to appear at your various AI painters hangouts around the web such as and
The paint kits are also available to any one who wishes to paint the 767.
As always I would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta and helped testing and painting, your help is very much appreciated.
Work will now proceed on the FAIB A32X NEO update (previews here) and additional projects such as the 737 MAX and updating older models to newer standards.

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767 feature list follows:
1. 20 native FSX models, 20 native P3DV4 models and 10 FS9 models.
2. FSX/P3DV4 models with and without wingflex.
3. FSX/P3DV4 Custom realistic landing and taxi light splash system which replaces FSX ugly triangle splash lights, can also be disabled to get P3DV4 dynamic lights.
4. FSX/P3DV4 Custom lights always on behavior, the user can decided if the models turns off all or some of its lights when parked at the gate.
5. UHD textures for the FSX/P3DV4 version featuring quadruple the amount of space of previous FAIB FSX textures and 16 times the amount of an FS9 texture.
6. FSX/P3DV4 models feature a global minified lightmap which reduces the memory usage to mere kilobytes and saves a lot of VRAM and HDD space.
7. 7 LOD levels for optimal performance.
8. All models feature independent lights, With landing lights that are only on when on the runway or on approach.
9. All models feature moving parts including landing gear, gear compression, rolling tires, spoilers, thrust reverse’s, flaps that also deploy for takeoff, leading edge devices, nose gear steering and surfaces droop.
10. Where available passenger base packs come with Boeing roll out livery.

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