With the release of the A32X models imminent FAIB has worked hard to bring the 737 series already released to be on
par with the latest techniques used for A32X. Simply download the new base packs from here and follow the instructions
inside the readme to learn how to update your models to the SP2 standards.

The following was changed for all the 737’s:
1. Delayed reverser animation, reverser deploy 2 seconds after touchdown rather then immediately.
2. Top of fuselage was made smoother and rounder. The NG polygon count increased by roughly 40 polygons which is miniscule while the Classics and 200 have had their polygon count lowered because of new modelling techniques.
3. Contact point data revised fixing excessive gear damping causing AI planes to bounce on the tarmac, if your AI planes are performing adequately or you have Jan’s FDE’s you can skip updating your FDE.

This is all for now but keep watching this space, the A32X will be here soon.