We here at FAIB would like to wish everyone a happy new year! as a parting gift for the year 2017 we are happy to announce the release of the Airbus A32X SP2 models including the very much sought after NEO variants for Microsoft based Flight Simulators including native Prepar3D V4 models.

As always expect repaints to appear at your various AI painters hangouts around the web such as:

The paint kits are also available to any one who wishes to paint the new NEO variants.
As always we would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta and helped testing and painting, your help is very much appreciated. Work will now proceed on the FAIB 737 update bringing previous 737 models to the new standards and adding the MAX variants as well as additional projects such as updating the Queen to the new standards as well.

Jump over to the branch of manufacturing for all the latest swag.

New A32X features in SP2 updates:
1. Added A321/320/319 CFM Leap-1A and PW1100 NEO Variants.
2. FSX/P3DV4 models with and without wingflex.
3. FSX/P3DV4 Custom realistic landing and taxi light splash system which replaces FSX ugly triangle splash lights, can also be disabled to get P3DV4 dynamic lights.
4. FSX/P3DV4 Custom lights always on behavior, the user can decided if the models turns off all or some of its lights when parked at the gate.
5. Updated Last LOD to display when aircraft is 1 pixel wide, models should disappear later than before.
6. New round tires with accurate profiles.

As always donations are appreciated so if you like FAIB’s work hit our donation button(s). every little bit helps, thank you.