If you haven’t been visiting the AI related forums as of late or have been living under a rock you would probably be glad to hear the next project chosen by FAIB is the AIRBUS A32X family of narrow body single aisle aircraft for FSX and FS9. Along with the Boeing 737 series these are among the most popular aircraft you are going to encounter in your Flight Simulator world and with the advent of new features and Sharklets now seemed a good time as any to develop new AI models of them.

The models featured are the entire A32X line from the largest A321 to the smallest A318 including Sharkletted versions and special Chevron nozzle versions of the CFM56-5 engine. Also included are the rare A320 equipped with double bogies and the PW6000 equipped A318. Needless to say the models feature all the latest bells and whistles you come to expect from modern AI, HD paint kit(FSX),reduced draw calls and memory foot print(FSX), animated parts including flaps for take off, turning nose gear, independent light system and various satellite dome options activated by the textures. To see the models in action go to this thread at the AIG forum.

The models are now firmly in beta stage with some of the most talented AI painters around working to have a release with many of the most popular carriers who operate the A32X type. You can see previews made by the beta testes on the official beta paint preview thread here also on the AIG forum.