After many months of hard labor and tireless effort the FSX/FS9 native Airbus A32X family for AI use is ready for release.
Get the models straight from the branch of manufacturing, for those of you who are missing their favorite airline and wish
to paint it don’t worry, the paint kits will be made available in the the coming weeks similar to earlier FAIB releases.
From everyone in FAIB we hope you enjoy the models and paints to come.

This release feature a much larger amount of paints available upon release and more would be made available at various AI sites around like and

Now for the boring bit, the model feature list:
1. 25 models per FS version(50 total) with native FSX and FS9 models.
2. HD textures for the FSX version featuring quadruple the amount of space at little to no performance hit.
3. FSX models feature a global lightmap which reduces the memory usage by half and saves a lot of HDD space.
4. 6 LOD levels for optimal performance.
5. All models feature independent lights, With landing lights that are only on when on the runway or on approach.
6. All models feature moving parts including landing gear, gear compression, rolling tires, spoilers, thrust reverse’s, flaps that also deploy for takeoff, nose gear steering and surfaces droop.
7. Base pack comes with Airbus roll out livery.

Notable improvements over venerable DJC models:
1. A321 Wing root bottom has proper mapping.
2. Almost all variations and types of satellite domes are modeled.
3. Overall better shape by doubling the amount of polygon used.

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